One of the more popular metaphors I have been using in workshops and management retreats is the notion of Moose-on-the-Table. It’s a playful, fun way to open up deep, authentic conversations about problems or issues that aren’t being addressed. When I work in the U.S., people are sometimes more familiar with the idea of Elephant-in-the-Livingroom. I have also heard of pink skunks and other such creatures.

One reason I like Moose-on-the-Table is because it’s so Canadian. Another reason is that moose can be very territorial, hard to remove once established, dangerous when confronted, and awkward, gangly creatures. You can read an excerpt on Moose-on-the-Table from The Leader’s Digest (and view the graphic slide I use in my presentations) here.

Of course the metaphor is extended much further in my new book Moose on the Table: A Novel Approach to Communications @ Work. It’s my first work of fiction and we’re feverishly working on final of production.

This past week a lot of the action took place in the recording studio as we completed work on the audio book. Read by Barrie Bailey and recorded at Clare Burt Studios in Toronto, this is also something new for me and I hope that it comes in useful for those of you who’ve been asking for my books “on tape.”

Here is a rough video from the recording session of Barrie reading from the beginning of the first chapter. I hope you enjoy the sneak peak!!