Uncover and tap into deeper meaning and values already in the culture.
Tell stories that honor the past and highlight the rich heritage of your organization. Link recognition, appreciation, or celebration to these.

Lead change with examples of how the organization has gone through tough times or major changes like these before.
Appeal to a proud heritage. Tell them how you’ve all come from a lineage of leaders and it’s everyone’s obligation to build an even stronger organization as a legacy for future generations.

Do a cultural audit with surveys and/or third party interviews/focus groups.
Try to get an objective answer to the question “how do we do things around here?” Once you know what your current culture is, work with your team to identify your preferred culture and put an Improvement Plan together to move you there.

Is your culture so strong that you repel people who don’t fit?
How do you know? There should be no middle ground or apathy. People should either passionately love or intensely hate what your organization stands for. Ensure that “cultural fit” is a key part of your hiring process. Candidates with great technical skills or highly relevant experience but who don’t fit your culture should be expunged like a deadly virus that will weaken your team or organization’s culture.