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Bridging the Credibility Gap

...or worth investing in. Employees reciprocate. Not serving the servers Few employees directly serving customers can provide excellent service when they themselves can get only mediocre support from above. Ineffective processes, misaligned systems, internal conflict, bad communication, uncaring bosses, inadequate training, faulty feedback loops” the list of factors that contributes...

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Balancing Technology, Management, and Leadership

...key external partners (such as distributors, strategic alliances, suppliers, etc.), everyone in the organization supporting the producers and serving the servers, shareholders or funding partners, and (very deliberately last), management. In top performing organizations, each area is strong and constantly improving. For example, in our technological age, we all need...

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Measurement Traps

...departments. What’s missing in this measurement mania is the customer. High-service providers measure from the outside in. They begin by measuring what’s important to customers. Next on the priority order are the needs of those serving the customers. Then attention shifts to the people producing products or serving the servers....

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Organizational Measurement and Feedback Pathways and Pitfalls (Part One)

...the performance gaps. Next on the measurement pecking order, are the needs of those external and internal partners serving customers. Then attention turns to the people producing products or serving the servers. The measurement needs of managers and support departments come last in the customer-partner chain. Most managers rely far...

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Customer Satisfaction is a Reflection of Employee Satisfaction

“We found that there was a cause-and-effect relationship between the two; that it was impossible to maintain a loyal customer base without a base of loyal employees; and that the best employees prefer to work for companies that deliver the kind of superior value that builds customer loyalty… building loyalty...

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