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Joe Folkman discusses how good does not equal great. Watch Now!


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Featured Case Study: Symantec Leaders Show "Extraordinary" Results (click to access)

What Clients are Saying...

"At Boeing's Aerospace Support division, we had concerns about our level of employee commitment. Our work with the Extraordinary Leader introduced us to the research showing a connection between leadership effectiveness and employee commitment. Partnering with Zenger Folkman, we created a competency model, an on-line multi-rater feedback process, and a workshop to help our leaders develop their strengths. Using the 'cross training' approach; our leaders achieved an across-the-board improvement of close to 15% in their year-over-year employee commitment scores. Not only did our best leaders get better, but our 'average' leaders and even our poorest leaders showed marked improvement in their leadership effectiveness and employee commitment scores. This improvement was a critical factor in our qualifications for the Malcolm Baldrige award, which our division won."
- Dee Thomas, HR Director, Boeing Aerospace Support

Zenger Folkman Clients

Zenger Folkman Clients

Zenger Folkman Clients

Zenger Folkman Clients

Zenger Folkman Clients

"The workshop was excellent and feedback from all participants has been extremely positive. I particularly enjoyed the way current paradigms on developing leaders were challenged. I have no doubt that those who attended will benefit from the experience and will, in turn, provide benefits for our organization."
- J. Mateparae, Master General, New Zealand Defense Force

"Excellent session and a great facilitator! Really showed us how to use feedback to build on strengths."
- Catherine Belcastro, Human Resources Manager, Oxford University Press Canada

"The Extraordinary Leader Workshop" was an exceptional event; even by Jim's unusually high standards. This program is the best tool I have found to identify a leader's current areas of strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly, provides a wealth of knowledge on how you can (and why you should) develop your particular strengths to improve your performance in every aspect of your life."
- Ryan Hurlbut, Workplace Development Manager, Pillar Resource Services Inc.

"The Extraordinary Leader class was one of the most powerful and insightful programs I have ever attended. The 360-degree profile gave me deep insights into how others perceive me as a leader, and the course and follow-on coaching has paved an exciting path for me to follow in developing my leadership skills."
- Ricardo Fuchs, Vice President, Serv Corp, Inc.

"We now have leaders who are intensely focused on learning, teaching, and understanding which competencies are not only valuable, but critical to their performance."
- Bettina Koblick, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Symantec

"A new approach to leadership that goes against what I held true in the past. The information presented invigorates a new directive in applying and learning leadership skills."
- Stephen Collins, General Manager, Home Hardware Gravenhurst

"The Extraordinary Leader research caused us to rethink our performance management philosophy. We revamped our process to orient it more toward building employees' strengths. The results have been remarkable. We now have a more balanced performance agreement, highlighting areas of strength, and significant problems that must be fixed. The biggest change has been in the energy people have for the performance management process. It is now something that most employees look forward to. How many companies can say that?"
- Mary Settle, Vice President of Human Resources, BARD Access Systems

"...the path to greatness is really about building profound strengths, rather than through relentlessly focusing on one's weaknesses."
- Michael A. Peel, Yale University, Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

"...filling the gap from inspirational to practical 'how to' realities of leadership improvement. The difference is an unusual blend of credible and uncompromising research married with years of successful application with leaders and organizations. These past few years (ZF) have proven helpful in filling the gap from inspirational to practical 'how to' realities of leadership improvement. The difference is an unusual blend of credible and uncompromising research married with years of successful application with leaders and organizations. The result is innovative, at times challenging conventional wisdom, and ultimately
useful. I have seen talent in my organization engage and improve based on this work."
- Kevin D. Wilde, VP, Organization Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer, General Mills, author of Dancing with the Talent Stars: 25 Moves That Matter Now

"Zenger Folkman's research and tools have provided excellent guidance to leaders I've worked with over the years. The tools allowed them to create actionable goals and inspired them to actively pursue excellence in leadership."
- Pam Mabry, Director, Human Resources, The Boeing Company

"The Zenger Folkman organization has had a profound effect on leadership development. Their research reveals the impact of strengths-based development on individual and organization success across industries and geographies. Their competency model and 360 evaluation provide the framework around which to build a development plan."
- Hillery Ballantyne, Senior Vice President, Talent Management and Leadership Development, Elsevier

"...the next evolution of focusing on strengths…compelling research to understand what it takes to become an exceptional leader. The insightful tools and developmental approaches help address fatal flaws and push your existing strengths over the edge to exceptional."
- Linda Simon, Senior Vice President, Leadership and Organizational Development, DIRECTV

"My organization has benefited for years from Zenger Folkman's involvement in our Leadership Training Programs… we have seen that people are much more successful when we focus on improving their natural leadership strengths while minimizing their weaknesses."
- Stephen K. Wiggins, EVP, Chief Information Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina; coauthor, Picasso on a Schedule

"...lifting leadership effectiveness from the (somewhat pejorative) realm of 'soft skills' to a plane that equates these competencies with 'harder' disciplines in two ways: not only can these skills be learned, but they can have a similar impact on bottom-line results and employee performance. Leadership cross-training is an approach that can have a powerful impact on helping good leaders become exceptional ones."
- Jaime Gonzales, Head of Professional Development, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

"A strong, empirically-based approach to cut right to the heart of the (coaching) issue to provide something both situationally-relevant and contextually profound…threads the needle between theory and anecdotal practice and provide perspective and tools that can benefit everyone from CEOs bent on changing culture to frontline managers plying their skills on the factory floor."
- Courtney Rogers, Executive Director, Human Resources and Talent, Amgen

"This critical leadership skill begins with a context of research, moves to the realities of the workplace, and then settles into a series of practical guidelines and examples."
- Ronald E. Galbraith, Chairman/Chief Consulting Officer, onFocus|Healthcare

"The distinction between training, mentoring, and coaching, the FUEL framework, and using real scenarios were very valuable."
- Kiran Kapoor, Manager, Research & Program Evaluation, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

"A powerful, yet digestible, framework to help leaders become the coaches they aspire to be: relationship-based, collaboration-oriented, change-focused, and FUEL-ed for success! Leaders in all types of organizations, and at all levels, will benefit from this insightful work."
- P. Artell Smith, Vice President, Human Resources, Hewitt Associates

"The concepts are profound and practical… provides the FUEL for our approach to creating a coaching culture at Associated Food Stores."
- Steve Jones, Manager, AFS University, Associated Food Stores

"The coaching framework is straightforward and effective – easier to use than other models I've been exposed to."
David Stover, President, Oxford University Press Canada

"The opportunity to discuss, observe, and practice the skills really helped solidify the learning for me."
Lori Lane, Learning & Performance Specialist, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

"FUEL and conversation guide is great framework to follow."
- Andrea Warren, Executive Director, Classic LifeCare

"The live coaching session solidified the use of the material for me."
John Spinozzi, Maintenance Production Supervisor, Ontario Power Generation

"The facilitator was great – using real examples to identify opportunities. This helped me gain confidence in my abilities."
Robin Liska, Training Coordinator, Chudleighs