Thriving in Turbulent Times Webcast

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Topics covered in this 58 minute webcast:
  • Thriving in Turbulent Times -  There is no "getting through this crazy period." We need to deal with uncertainty and develop our teams/organizations for constant change.
  • Shifting Perceptions: Seeing Beyond the Obstacles to the Opportunities - Whining words of pessimism or winning words of optimism set our personal and collective energy fields which shape our reality.
  • Change Choices: Lead, Follow, or Wallow - Three basic choices determine if we are growing or groaning. We may not choose what happens to us, but we all choose whether to step up and lead or slide helplessly into the swamp.
  • Wallow Words: Ten Popular Excuses for Avoiding Personal Change - Wallowing in negativity and cynicism is deadly. The symptoms and root causes are often intertwined and accepted as normal or "being realistic"
  • Everyone Must Lead: Leadership is an Action, Not a Position - We all need to lead regardless of our position or role. We need "leaderful" teams and organizations to move everyone upward to higher performance.
  • Nine Steps to Personal Leadership - Inspiration is the beginning. Results come from applied action using a series of how-to and practical tips and techniques.

Replace fear and uncertainty with focus and perspective

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"Jim realistically points out the ingrained, negative thoughts and perceptions we struggle with when dealing with change aka Life.   He shows us how to positively position ourselves as leaders of our own thoughts and actions; ultimately preparing us to take a leadership role in the changes we face everyday.  Armed with a clear picture of how damaging negative energy can be to any change initiative and the dangerous downward spiral on an individuals perception of reality, you can't help but want to put his strategies into action and embrace a new way of being.  His information spoke straight to soul."
Carla Barrett
Kamloops, BC

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