Team Building

  • Authentic Communication: Dealing with Moose-on-the-Table
    The moose represents an issue that everyone knows is a problem but isn't being addressed. People are trying to carry on as if things are normal. By failing to declare the issue, they further empower it. More

  • Bridging the Council-Staff Gap
    Building a strong partnership between staff and council is essential to effective municipal management. In many instances this lack of harmonization is caused by lack of agreement on the defined roles for both staff and council members. More

  • Culture Change Starts with the Management Team
    When change fails, it can almost always be traced to dysfunctional leadership. More

  • Harnessing the Power of Teams
    Today's highly effective teams have a broad ownership and participation in the team's tasks and how everyone works together to achieve them. Team members and leaders share responsibility for the effectiveness of the team. One of the best indicators of the strength of a team is the "We to Me" ratio. More

  • Keys to Personal, Team, and Organization Transformation
    Lasting and effective change and improvement comes from moving beyond bolt-on programs and quick-fix improvement programs to built-in processes. More

  • Leadership Keys to Harnessing the Power of Teams
    Highly effective leaders are now showing the performance power of building a team-based organization. Where teams have been effectively organized and led, the list of team outcomes has led to dramatic improvements within the organization. More

  • Matching Team Types and Focus
    Effective team management begins by clarifying what a team's purpose and role is and deciding how it will operate. A team's commitment and performance increases exponentially with the degree of power, control, and ownership they feel they have. More

  • Measuring Organizational and Team Energy Levels
    Take the courageous approach to leadership by building team commitment and ownership. Our "Energy Index" Assessment is a great place to start. More

  • Pathways and Pitfalls to Leading Teams
    Most high-performing organizations use a wide variety of teams. Discover the Leading Teams approaches that can help you to avoid the pitfalls and pave your organization's pathway to success. More

  • Team Spirit Built from the Top
    Team spirit is the catalyst every organization needs to achieve outstanding performance. Strategic plans, marketing, technology, and capital investment are clearly important but emotional commitment, of the people using the tools and executing the plans, is what determines whether companies sink or soar. More

  • That Empower Word Again
    We can't build a team or organization that's different from us. Successful team or organization leadership begins with successful self-leadership. The first step in improving my team or organization is improving me. More



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