Serving, Influencing, and Leading Upward

  • A Customer Culture is Built on a Service Ethic
    Technomanagers are leaders who focus first on technology and management systems, before focusing on their customers and internal/external partners. They must discover the key "servant leadership" principle — success comes through serving others. More
  • Assessing Our Ability to Influence Others
    Improving my Influence Index, changing my choices, and getting to work on changing me to help change them. More
  • Bad Boss: Learn How to Manage Your Manager
    Lost the leader lottery? Strategies for dealing with an ineffectual superior. More
  • Being a Strong Leader Despite a Bad Boss
    Strong leaders don't allow themselves to be victims of a bad boss. We may not be able to choose our boss, but we can choose how to respond to him or her. More
  • Innovation Needs a Culture of Trust and Openness
    If we want more experimentation and learning on our teams or organizations, we must establish an atmosphere that builds self-confidence and trust. More
  • Just Go and Do It
    Don't wait – initiate! Leaders don't wait for something to happen or someone to tell them what to do. More
  • Leaders Go First
    Team members act like their leader – despite all attempts to train them otherwise. Changing them won't succeed unless it is preceded by the leader changing his or her behaviour. More
  • Management Teams Often Handicap Themselves
    Strong management teams change and improve their organizations despite obstacles, handicaps and problems. It's called leadership. More
  • Many Managers Disempower Themselves
    Many managers unwittingly believe that leadership only comes down from the top. They give away their power by believing that they don't have any. More
  • Measuring Organizational and Team Energy Levels
    Take the courageous approach to leadership by building team commitment and ownership. Our "Energy Index" Assessment is a great place to start. More
  • Navigating Change and Adversity
    'Embrace change' is a useless platitude. We often don't choose the difficulties or negative changes that spring upon us. But we always choose how we respond with these 'how-to' steps for staying above the line. More
  • Personal Feedback Pathways and Pitfalls
    Only through knowing where we are can we change where we are going. Discover the Personal Feedback approaches that can help you to avoid the pitfalls and pave your organizations pathway to success. More
  • Stop Whining and Start Leading
    Less effective managers aspire to lead but end up demoralizing their own teams and frustrating themselves by choosing to be disempowered by their bosses. They unwittingly fall for the cult of heroic management — the notion that leadership comes down from on high. More


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