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"Jim Clemmer is an original. He walks in the shoes of Deming, Juran, Ackoff, and Senge, and establishes himself in Pathways to Performance as an important interpreter of the issue of quality in the modern idiom. His formulations and advice, though rooted in a thorough mastery of the theory and sciences of quality, are very much his own. He guides the reader with good humor, memorable examples, and careful logic, to new ways to view the challenges of leading improvement. We talk a lot about 'changing cultures' as an inescapable part of the search for quality. Clemmer gives the idea new life and freshness, and offers great ideas ready for action."
Don Berwick, M.D., President and CEO
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement

"Through its clarity, humor, and deep insights, Pathways to Performance shows how to glue together the important puzzle pieces that lead to personal and organizational success."
Stephen J. Frangos
Author of Team Zebra, a book based on his turnaround of Kodak's Black and White Film Manufacturing unit

"Pathways to Performance is the first book I've read that successfully weaves together the high-performance rope out of the strands of organization improvement, leadership development, and personal effectiveness. Jim demonstrates what has taken him years of experience to learn, both as a successful entrepreneur and as one of the most brilliant and sought-after consultants in North America."
Scott DeGarmo, Editor in Chief and Publisher
Success Magazine

"Jim Clemmer cuts through the rhetoric of fashionable organization programs and theoretical concepts to navigate the business leader on his journey to high performance and success in his company."
Roger Staubach, Chairman and CEO
The Staubach Company

"This book is a powerful treatise on the relationship of leaders and the groups they lead -- and the relationship between personal and organizational development. It combines the best of theory with myriad of practical tips and suggestions for making it happen. Don't read this book as a novel. Read it with enough time to 'chew on' the considerable meat that's inside. It is a blueprint for success."
John H. Zenger, Co-founder Zenger-Miller Inc. and President
Times Mirror Training Group

"Pathways to Performance is a must read for any leader or aspiring leader. It will inspire and instruct you to be a change agent for yourself and others."
Ken Blanchard, Co-author, The One Minute Manager

"The benefits of laughter, the need for team alignment, the importance of working together to the same agenda, and the thought that there is no miracle path to high performance all rang bells with me. This is a thought provoking, practical, and useful book."
Alan W. Stark, President and General Manager
Amex Canada Inc.

"Jim's approach to vision and values is straight on track and is the highlight of the book. The promise made was fulfilled. It did make me think. It made me reflect on my own approach to leading and the many things I still have room to improve upon."
Jon Slangerup, Vice President and General Manager
Federal Express Canada

"Jim Clemmer's new text is in the forefront of today's thinking about business excellence. His pragmatic approach, based on sound theory, will resonate with thoughtful business leaders everywhere. I would recommend it to anyone whether advanced in the quality journey or beginning to take their very first steps. It's an excellent roadmap.... but more than that, it is illuminated by deep insights into organizational life and the challenge facing leaders in every endeavor."
John Lynch, President and CEO
North American Life Assurance Company

"Jim Clemmer has integrated the spectrum of current management theories and practices into a pragmatic guide which will become the leadership handbook of our time. Much more than a good read, Pathways to Performance evokes a commitment to excel; to embrace and put into action the leading edge personal, team, and organization improvement practices."
Jack F. Shand, President
Canadian Society of Association Executives

"Pathways to Performance is an excellent follow up to Firing on All Cylinders. Jim Clemmer provides a challenging and inspirational guide for executives to stay on the path of improvement in both personal and organizational performance."
Bernard J. Herman, President
Mercy Healthcare, Bakersfield, CA

"Anyone reading Pathways to Performance must give pause to reflect if he or she has truly made the commitment to be an outstanding leader. The book is a rich review of the many elements that make up effective leadership which -- as Jim points out -- can be accomplished by anyone who thinks through the process and is willing to make the effort. As I read each chapter our organization's leadership behavior became clear to me and what will be required by our leaders in the months ahead came into focus."
Gordon Canning, President
Blue Mountain Resorts

"Jim's timely and inspiring book reinforces that managing organizational change and improving quality starts when we decide to change the way we think about ourselves and the impact of what we do on others. Pathways to Performance provides a much needed roadmap for personal quality improvement."
J. W. Perry, Vice President
Reimer Express World Corp. and Vice President, National Quality Institute

"Jim has put his finger on the dark secret of organization change and improvement -- most attempts fail because senior managers are unwilling or unable to change their behaviors. His book made me feel uncomfortable (a good sign) because he ruthlessly exposed a number of deficiencies in my leadership style. Pathways to Performance very explicitly prescribes for senior management hubris. It is the most comprehensive guide to leadership skill development that I have read. I will be buying copies for my senior managers and profitably rereading it myself it for several years to come."
Drew Yallop, President
Canadian Tire Petroleum

"The concept of personal, team, and organizational levels of change is important. Jim Clemmer's sharing of personal experiences in all three areas is powerful ... and unusual. Many people are not comfortable with personal disclosures as a tool for learning from others."
Mary-jo Hall, Professor/Special Assistant for Quality
Defense Systems Management College, Fort Belvior, VA

"Pathways to Performance chronicles very personal elements critical to organizational improvement. An important commentary for those who are willing to accept accountability for performance."
Duncan J. MacIntyre, President and CEO
National Quality Institute

"Jim Clemmer has written a book for thoughtful leaders who learned long ago that doing more of the same will not bring about sustainable change. He addresses the key issue of our time: that the fundamental, and necessary reconstruction of our organizations that will prepare them for the twenty-first century can only be achieved from within, and even then, only one person at a time."
Lance Secretan, Business Consultant, Author of Managerial Moxie and The Way of the Tiger

"At a time when managers are common and leaders are at a premium, Jim has woven together the basic principles that provide the foundation for increased personal effectiveness and successful organization change. Regardless of the tools used -- total quality management, reengineering, installation of teams, continuous improvement, empowerment -- the very practical `pathways and pitfalls' that Jim provides will help managers successfully lead their organizations in new directions."
Bob Sherwin, President and CEO
Kaset International

"Jim Clemmer identifies the indispensable qualities that will define the next decade of exemplary organizations. To read Pathways to Performance is become captivated by the possibilities for personal and organizational achievement. Entrepreneurs and leaders will be inspired by Jim's very personal challenge."
Doug Snetsinger, Executive Director
Institute of Market Driven Quality

"Being a military officer, I was particularly interested in the thoughts on leadership and management. In my career, I have played both roles; sometimes simultaneously. It is very important to understand the differences and to know when to play each."
Claude M. Bolton, Jr., Brigadier General
U. S. Air Force

"Pathways to Performance does a great job of demystifying all the quality and organization improvement buzzwords. This book is an excellent guide to performance improvement for organizations of all sizes and in all sectors whether they be public companies or government services."
Tony Johnston, Vice-President
Employee Development and Quality Improvement, Canadian Airlines International

"If all you read is the introduction, the book is worth the investment. A bugle call to action."
Peter Jensen, President
Performance Coaching Inc. and author of The Inside Edge

"Jim, it's been my privilege to recommend your wonderful book, Firing on All Cylinders, to my audiences. It is the best book on customer service I've ever read. With Pathways to Performance, you've done it again. This book is a star in the sky to help lead people and organizations to real change, positive values, and lasting relationships. Thank you for the gift you've given to those of us who care deeply about people and performance."
Maurice O'Callaghan, professional speaker and former telecommunications executive

"Pathways to Performance provides a valued sense of direction and reference for those struggling to behave differently and lead more effectively. Jim pulls together the many facets of leadership and management and shows how they fit to make the whole. It will become a guide for all our Team Leader/Managers."
Philip C. Hassen, President
St. Joseph's Health Centre (London, Ontario)

"In Pathways to Performance, Jim Clemmer provides readers with an inspirational guide that will help anyone improve leadership abilities. It is clear that by following these pathways, great personal benefits will follow. And, of course, I loved the humor!"
David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber

"I found Pathways to Performance fascinating reading; particularly with our company going through a heavy growth period, some of the advice, information, and examples of how to literally view the organization really hit home. For me, the book created a great deal of thought and generated a continued emphasis on continually reviewing the objectives and priorities of a company."
Sam Poole, President

"Pathways to Performance is engaging, challenging, enlightening, inspirational, and (most important!) very entertaining. It is an essential playbook for leaders in every field and at every level."
Dick Lehrburg, Executive Vice President
Interplay Products

"The wealth of information you share in Pathways to Performance is priceless. Your authenticity, sincerity, dynamic leadership, dedication, and extensive knowledge, is apparent with every page a reader absorbs. You have impressed upon me the importance of taking action. I have been using your book as a blueprint for my continuous improvement. I thank you for the motivation. Your book has been a light on my path. I would enjoy hearing your autobiography. Your life story of success, hard work, dedication, persistence, action, and follow through would be a fabulous bestseller."
Jara Traci Weiss, Personal Coach



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