Management versus Leadership

  • A Tale of Two Managers: Command versus Commitment
    Motivation or morale problems are usually rooted in leaders failing to engage people in the broader aims and ideals of the organization. More
  • Balancing Technology, Management, and Leadership
    In top performing organizations, each area of the "Performance Balance Triangle" is strong and constantly improving, allowing technology, systems, and processes to serve people. More
  • Cultivating Leadership
    Unhappy and poorly served staff passes how they are treated to their customers. In today's workplace, a management style of pushing people around often pushes the highest performers right out the door. More
  • Focus and Context: The Hub of Leadership
    The hub of leadership, Focus and Context, is where the contrast between management and leadership is possibly at its sharpest. It is the very beginning point of strong leadership. More
  • Growing the Leader in Us
    Six critical areas of personal development for inner self-leadership to move outward to influence, guide, support, and lead others. More
  • How Many Companies Lose That Loving Feeling
    Many successful companies are started by passionate zealots, full of energy and excitement. But once the Technomanagers take over, people are turned into their roles, systems, and processes — then their heart and soul are lost. More
  • Leaders Care for Organization Culture and Context
    Redefining a leader's role from operational manager to context leader, can be one of the key factors in the success of dealing with change in the organization. They spend less time managing the day-to-day business and time caring for the organization's culture. More
  • Leaders Give People Space to Grow
    Leaders treat each person in their organization as an individual with his or her own unique aspirations, strengths, and characteristics; and then work to put people in the best place for them to thrive and succeed. More
  • Leaders Help People See Beyond What Is to What Could Be
    Successful entrepreneurs are leaders with vision who predict the future by inventing it. More
  • Leaders Invest in Growing and Developing People
    Leaders demonstrate by their actions that people are the most critical factor in an organization's performance. That's why they invest heavily in growing and developing people. More
  • Manage Things, Lead People
    To manage is to control, handle, or manipulate. To lead is to guide, influence, or persuade. More
  • Management vs. Leadership
    One key distinction between management and leadership is that we manage things and lead people. When dealing with things, we talk about a way of doing. In the people realm, we're talking about a way of being. More
  • Paradoxical Balancing Acts in Organization Improvement
    Too often, we see the world in narrow binary, either/or terms, but top performers look beyond either/or, to and/also. Much of life consists of two opposite and sometimes opposing forces, the key is finding a balance that's right for the conditions and circumstances. More
  • Soft Skills, Hard Results (Part 1)
    Leadership deals with the world of emotions and feelings. It is of an art rather than a science. Now there is hard evidence that those "soft" leadership principles are the major factor in what makes a high-performance team or organization. More
  • Soft Skills, Hard Results (Part 2)
    Research on emotional intelligence (EI) shows that a leader's personal characteristics and leadership competencies have a direct bearing on his or her personal performance – as well as on that of their team and organization. More
  • Steering Our Leadership Wheel
    The wheel represents the circular nature of leadership – there is no beginning nor end. Each of the supporting leadership principles around the outside of the Leadership Wheel are interdependent and interconnected. More
  • Stop Managing and Start Leading
    Truly good corporate leaders, know how to remove barriers between themselves and their staff. More

  • Technomanagement: A Deadly Mix of Bureaucracy and Technology
    Technomanaged organizations have things backwards. They are organizations where people serve the systems or processes and customers are made to fit the organization. More
  • Timeless Leadership Principles
    Both management and leadership are needed to make teams and organizations successful. Trying to decide which is most important is like trying to decide whether the right or left wing is more important to an airplane's flight. More
  • Visions Provide the Energizing Context to Reach Our Goals
    Goals need to be energized and focused by the larger context of exciting visions. These paint us into the big picture and draw us forward to the future of our dreams. More
  • Weak Leaders Try to Use Money as a Motivator
    Pay gets people to show up for work but money is rarely an effective rallying point for high performance. Concentrate on building a culture of success and forward momentum with lots of recognition and appreciation for everyone's contributions. More


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