Leadership Workshops & Retreats

Jim Clemmer has facilitated intensive two-day off-site retreats with over 200 management teams during the last two decades. He is uniquely qualified and skilled to lead highly customized management team retreats that are tailored to meet the distinctive needs of each management team. He can draw from a vast tool kit of experience, learning methods, observations, examples, planning processes, research, and team/organization development approaches to help each team meet its objectives.

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What you get

Work with Jim to facilitate your team development or planning session and you will get:

  • An internationally recognized expert with an authoritative and authentic presence to reinforce, provoke, instruct, and inspire your team
  • A highly energizing retreat tailored to your team and its style, values, and objectives
  • An "edutaining" retreat leader with the right balance of rich content, appropriate humor, inspiring insights, and practical how-to implementation steps
  • Management Team Exercise on Finding the Right Balance


  • Powerful team assessments, vital priority setting, and highly effective planning guidance to move your team from inspiration to application
  • A selection of relevant and useful follow-through implementation resources such as best-selling books, how-to workbooks, handouts, audio/video materials, or electronic services
  • A highly skilled and experienced facilitator with a vast library of concepts and approaches, deep group process knowledge, and evenhanded guidance

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