Growing the Distance: Personal Implementation Guide

by Jim Clemmer

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eeeeTake Leadership Personally with Growing the Distance and the Personal Implementation Guide

Growing the Distance: Timeless Principles for Personal, Career, and Family Success pioneered the content and layout continued later in The Leader's Digest. This international bestseller has inspired over 100,000 readers and continues to sell strongly around the world. A major reason for its enduring popularity is the unique magazine style "browser's digest" format, interweaving fables, real-life situations, pithy quotations, research, personal examples, and plenty of humor around Jim's timeless leadership principles.

The Personal Implementation Guide builds upon Growing the Distance and moves from inspiration to application. In this very practical handbook, Jim condenses and shares over twenty-five years of experience helping thousands of people apply the timeless leadership principles and practices, catapulting them to peak personal and professional performance. Personal application ideas, self-assessments, implementation exercises, and suggestions for action planning provide the opportunity to journal thoughts, guide reflective learning, set improvement goals, vision for the future, clarify core values, identify key strengths, check life balance, measure personal growth, plug energy leaks, reframe pessimistic thinking, and make concrete plans to improve personal, career, and family success.

Build Leaders Throughout Your Organization – and Life

Growing the Distance and the Personal Implementation Guide are powerful and popular tools in building a "leaderful" organization. They are invaluable personal growth resources for everyone - from senior managers to frontline staff. The book and implementation guide are designed and priced for distribution in quantity by executives, managers, and training professionals attempting to help people throughout their organizations "grow from the inside out."

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