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Jim Clemmer posts leadership insight and inspiration twice each week in his blog, The Practical Leader. Subscribe to Jim's blog by email and get practical leadership and management tools delivered to your Inbox! You can also read Jim's blog online now or subscribe in a reader.

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The Leader Letter is probably the most comprehensive free leadership newsletter you will find anywhere on the net. Written in the same browser-friendly style of Jim's bestselling books, The Leader Letter is filled with articles, advice and a variety of reader questions and answers that deal with issues of organizational, team, and personal effectiveness. Visit the archive to have a look at some of the past issues, and I think you'll agree, this is one newsletter you need to read.

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The CLEMMER Group's Monthly Article Service is a tool for publishers to get great content for newspapers, magazines, trade publications and internal corporate newsletters. Have a look at the archive and add Jim's articles to your publication today.