Comments/Evaluations in the Police/Fire Services sector

 "A leader on identifying how change is affecting all of us - personal and professional - and strategies on how to cope and lead through it."
Doug Schulz, Staff Sergeant, Peel Regional Police, Brampton, ON

"One of the best presentations I have ever heard on leader needs and qualities."
Jim Wright, Lasalle Police Department, Lasalle, ON

"Excellent presentation, new ideas, a review of old, an outstanding opportunity to improve my leadership skills."
Jim Sawkins, Fire Chief, Township of Tiny Fire Dept., Wyevale, ON

"Very helpful, have read Growing the Distance. Found it very inspirational and useful in my career."
Daryl Whiteley, St. Catharines Fire Services, St. Catharines, ON

"Great speaker, knows material, great sense of humor. Keeps audience attention."
Jim Renaud, Essex Police, Hanover, ON

"I've been on many motivation, leadership sessions but just like in the NHL, "There's only one Wayne Gretzky"."
Mike Pintar, Deputy Fire Chief, Timmins Fire Department, Timmins, ON

"I have to tell you how inspired I have become since hearing your presentation at the Ontario Police College a couple of weeks ago. I started reading one of the books you gave us and I couldn't believe what I was reading. It certainly wasn't the usual dry leadership step-by-step program I have been used to in the past. Quite the contrary. It was lively, though- provoking, interesting, stimulating, refreshing, are a chosen one, my friend. I am so grateful that our paths crossed."
David Ingrassia, Instructor, Ontario Police College and Hamilton Police Service, Caledonia, ON

"Instructive on a professional level and helpful on a personal level."
Gerry Milne, Detective, York Regional Police, Newmarket, ON

"To use a quote from a movie, "you make me want to be a better leader"."
George Narozniak, Sergeant-Uniform Patrol, Hamilton Police Service, Hamilton, ON

"I'm inspired to return to work and begin navigating through change and get the ship moving again."
Brent Bennett, Staff Sergeant, Detective Commander, Ontario Provincial Police, Red Lake, ON

"The seminar provided practical, common sense action tips that fit into real life situations. Leading and growing, that's the way to go."
Bob Percy, Detective, Halton Regional Police Services, Oakville, ON

"An enlightening workshop on leadership."
Rob Orr, Staff Sergeant, Peel Regional Police, Brampton, ON

"Worthwhile workshop to attend to re-evaluate personal and organizational leadership."
Deb McDonald, Instructor, Ontario Police College, Alymer, ON

"Great! One of the very best I have attended."
Rick Larabie, Fire Chief, City of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

"On behalf of the LEADER course participants, I thank you for inspiring and touching the heads and hearts of police leaders in the province. Your words, stories and timeless principles continue to contribute to police leadership development."
Claudette Lachance, Leadership Training Instructor, Ontario Police College, Aylmer, On

"Very thought-provoking. Helped me to see where I am, where to go, and how to get there!"
Rob Knudsen, Detective Inspector, Ontario Provincial Police, Orillia, ON

"A thought-provoking session involving theories which are backed by real life examples."
John Kendrick, Detachment Commander, Ontario Provincial Police, Marathon, ON

"Very valuable, more tools for our tool belt to try to be the leaders of tomorrow with qualities of the leaders we idolize today."
Shawn Johnson, Operations Manager, Ontario Provincial Police, Goderich, ON

"Excellent presentation, interesting information and very relevant to our structure."
Cliff Jeffrey, Quinte West Fire Department, City of Quinte West, ON

"Jim leads discussion groups with experience and a style that is wonderfully received and understood by all."
Al Frost, Staff Sergeant, Halton Regional Police Services, Milton, ON

"Fast moving; enjoyable; thought provoking; a good reminder to look in the mirror to see who might be responsible for what is happening - or not. Don't give up the 'Dad Jokes'."
Jim Ferry, Deputy Chief, Innisfil Fire & Rescue Services, Innisfil, ON

"Thoroughly enjoyed Jim's honest approach to working with people; grow them and encourage them. Reinforced my views."
Donald Donaldson, Fire Chief, Greater Sudbury Fire Services, Sudbury, ON

"An extensive list of tools that can be used to become a more effective leader."
Terry Dicks, Assistant Fire Chief, Barrie Fire and Emergency Services, Barrie, ON

"Excellent ideas and suggestions on leadership skills and dealing with change. Great idea to brainstorm all issues and changes and set priorities and action plans."
Gerry Dechstader, Fire Chief, Camlachie Fire-Rescue, Gamlachie, ON

"Great applications for concepts that repeated over and over but rarely applied."
Denis Cleroux, Acting Staff Sergeant, Ottawa Police Services, Ottawa, ON

"Outstanding speaker. Great use of little quotes and anecdotes. Use of various media in the presentation makes you seem really involved with the group. You are a flashlight, exposing things that many people never see in their lifetimes."
Scott Brown, Staff Sergeant, Ottawa Police Services, Ottawa, ON

"I really enjoyed your session Jim. I've just picked up so much and will be able to apply it in my working environment."
Al Bonner, York Regional Police, Newmarket, ON

"Excellent presentation - high energy, positive and provocative."
Jeff Bond, Detective Sergeant, Peel Regional Police, Brampton, ON

"Best day of the course."
Paul Beatty, Peel Regional Police, Brampton, ON

"I was presented with a wealth of ideas to fix, strengthen and grow my team allowing me to customize my approach to fix the need."
Doug Babbitt, Detachment Commander, Ontario Provincial Police, Chatham, ON

"Excellent - clarified issues that cloud the waters of leadership."
Robert Gould, Waterloo Regional Police, Waterloo, ON

"An absolutely exhilarating, energetic presenter with valuable tools to share."
Kevin Dhinsa, Sergeant, Hamilton Police Service, Hamilton, ON

"It motivated me to remember I am a role model, to lead and live in Navigator mode, and stay above the line whenever possible. You are an engaging relevant presenter."
Richard Boyington, Sergeant, Branford Police Service, Brantford, ON

"Excellent presentation and presenter! Enthusiastic, meaningful and taught with passion."
Stefan Kowal, Staff Sergeant - Financial Crimes, Windsor Police Service, Windsor, ON

"Excellent, well worth it. Made me question leadership and think and I will continue to think and reflect."
Martin Wallingford, Sergeant, Timmins Police Service, Timmins, ON

"Dynamic speaker with a valuable message."
Mike Burns, Staff Sergeant, York Regional Police, Newmarket, ON

"A valuable investment of time, many take-aways."
Jeff Hodgson, Staff Sergeant, Sarnia Police, Sarnia, ON

"Very well done - worth the time!"
Manny Garcia, Detective Sergeant , Peel Regional Police, Brampton, ON

"Material is credible and vital to being a leader. I completely agree with the concept of using an experience of serious adversity as a defining event to make me stronger."
Ted Kitto, Sergeant, Owen Sound Police Service, Owen Sound, ON

"Insightful, inspirational"
Dave Davidson, Community Policing Coordinator, Ontario Provincial Police, London, ON

"There is a lot to learn, to listen and take away a few good ideas."
Ray St. Pierre, Inspector, West Nipissing Police Service, Sturgeon Falls, ON

"Brings you back to what really is important in your daily lives. Stay positive!"
John Gauthier, Sergeant, Timmins Police Service, Timmins, ON

"Inspiring, real, reminds you to be who you are and develop who you want to be, be the influence rather than being influenced and authentic."
Maggie Schoen, Sergeant, Hamilton Police Service, Hamilton, ON

"Very dynamic speaker, makes you travel to a place of understanding about yourself."
Chris Collins, Staff Sergeant, Halton Regional Police, Halton, ON

"Energetic and motivative speaker. Really assisted me in looking at the world in a different light. There's more success in looking at life as a navigator!"
Michael Reynolds, Detachment Manager, Ontario Provincial Police, Linsay, ON

"Engaging, inspiring, informative."
Bill O'Shea, Detachment Manager, Ontario Provincial Police, North Bay, ON

"Well worth the time, extremely thought provoking."
Chris Scotland, Staff Sergeant, Niagara Regional Police, St. Catharines, ON

"A great session that helped me learn more about myself and how to improve those areas I need to."
Tim Welychka, Sergeant, Niagara Regional Police Service, Welland, ON

"Very valuable to use at home and work."
Doug Dakin, Staff Sergeant, Waterloo Regional Police, Waterloo, ON

"Provides real life strategies and information for use in your work environment, to enhance your skills in leadership while you manage."
Jeff Cove, Inspector, Lethbridge Regional Police Service, Lethbridge, ON

"Positive reinforcement for team building, leadership and positive management."
Ian Sanderson, Team Sergeant, Lethbridge Regional Police Service, Lethbridge, ON

"The information is valuable whether you are in the private or public sector, manufacturing or service."
Stephen MacKinnon, Inspector, Owen Sound Police Service, Owen Sound, ON

"Fast paced, positive, motivational, inspiring!"
Mike Curran, Sergeant, Chatham-Kent Police Service, Chatham, ON

"Excellent course that utilizes common sense and everyday examples to deliver its message."
Karl Mielke, Staff Sergeant, Lethbridge Regional Police Service, Lethbridge, ON

"Outgoing great presenter who certainly can present his knowledge in clear way for others to understand."
Leslie Burke, Manager, Information Management, York Regional Police, Newmarket, ON 

"Jim is an engaging presenter with excellent use of visual aids. It would have been nice to have more time with the presenter."
Mike Fleischaker, Staff Sergeant, York Regional Police, Newmarket, ON

"Very thought provoking. Helps you to do some very valuable self-assessment."
Sandi Gellow, Manager, Waterloo Regional Police, Waterloo, ON

"Jim worked through the day's jam packed agenda in a very clear concise manner using effective tools to do so, i.e.,  slides, videos."
Louise Clarke, Communications Support Tech, Cambridge Fire Department, Cambridge, ON

"Very inspirational - a well polished workshop absolutely loaded with practical tools."
Richard Hildebrand, Deputy Fire Chief, City of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB