Coaching and Developing

  • A Coach's Playbook for Leaders
    Effective managers bring out the best in their people. More
  • Cheer Leaders Inspire Others
    Effective leaders understand the power of sincere recognition, genuine appreciation, and celebration. These are what provide the atmosphere of encouragement that develops confidence and builds on strengths. More
  • Cultivating Leadership
    Unhappy and poorly served staff passes how they are treated to their customers. In today's workplace, a management style of pushing people around often pushes the highest performers right out the door. More
  • From Phase of Life to Way of Life
    We need to be careful about what we wish for – the popular goals of security, stability, and predictability are deadly. The closer we get, the more our growth is stunted and learning reduced. More
  • Good Feedback Benefits Both Giver and Receiver
    Feedback can be destructive when it serves only one's own needs and fails to consider the needs of the person on the receiving end. Good feedback takes into account the needs of both the receiver and giver. More
  • Growing Others into What They Could Be
    A leader sees people as they could be, seeing beyond current problems and limitations to help others see their own possibilities. More
  • Harnessing the Power of Teams
    Today's highly effective teams have a broad ownership and participation in the team's tasks and how everyone works together to achieve them. Team members and leaders share responsibility for the effectiveness of the team. One of the best indicators of the strength of a team is the "We to Me" ratio. More
  • Leaders Foster Individual Passion for Change and Improvement
    Strong leaders harness the passion of the monomaniacs on their team to bring about change. More
  • Leaders Give People Space to Grow
    Leaders treat each person in their organization as an individual with his or her own unique aspirations, strengths, and characteristics; and then work to put people in the best place for them to thrive and succeed. More
  • Leaders Handle Performance Problems
    Leaders know that poor performance is like a highly contagious disease. The longer it goes unchecked, the more everyone suffers. More
  • Leaders Have Great Expectations
    Consistently held expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies. Leaders see people as they could be – as eagles in training. More
  • Leaders Help People See Beyond What Is to What Could Be
    Successful entrepreneurs are leaders with vision who predict the future by inventing it. More
  • Leaders Help People to Help Themselves
    Getting teams to share the workload and become more self-sufficient shifts the team leader's role and focus. Leaders spend much less time personally solving problems, and invest their time in making sure the right problems are being solved. More
  • Leaders Invest in Growing and Developing People
    Leaders demonstrate by their actions that people are the most critical factor in an organization's performance. That's why they invest heavily in growing and developing people. More
  • Measurement and Feedback are Vital to Improvement
    Feedback is central to learning. Faulty feedback is one of the biggest contributors to organization, team, and personal learning disabilities. If we don't know how we are doing, we can't improve. More
  • People Live Up or Down to a Leader's Expectations
    The behavior we get, in those who look to us for leadership, is often shaped by the picture we have of them. They become what we expect. More
  • The Coach's Playbook
    Effective coaches are masters at working with people to set the performance bar very high while aligning organizational, customer, and team needs with the individual's personal goals. More
  • The Power of Recognition, Appreciation, and Celebration
    Highly effective leaders energize others by noticing and recognizing the field of wheat. They thank, appreciate, recognize, and celebrate accomplishments. We all draw a lot of energy from sincere recognition and honest appreciation. More


Organization Improvement