Building Team Spirit

  • A Coach's Playbook for Workplace Teams
    For all the big talk, matching T-shirts and off-site strategy sessions, calling a group of people a team doesn't make it one. Here's why many groups fall short, the keys to forming an effective team, and team ground rules. More

  • Celebration is the Pause that Refreshes
    The relentless drive for ever-higher performance often leaves us too exhausted to enjoy what we have achieved. We, as leaders, must learn to break the endless improvement journey into a series of short exciting trips by celebrating and savoring our successes. More

  • Creating High Energy Environments
    We can't really motivate others, but we can create a high-energy environment that dramatically magnifies and expands the energy of individuals, teams, or organizations. More

  • Developing a Team or Organization Vision
    Vision is the critical focal point and beginning of high performance. Unless the hard work of striving, building, and improving follows, even the most vibrant vision will remain only a dream. More

  • Exception is A Poor Rule
    Effective leaders build an atmosphere of accomplishment and pride through recognition and appreciation within the organization. More

  • Leaders Help People to Help Themselves
    Getting teams to share the workload and become more self-sufficient shifts the team leader's role and focus. Leaders spend much less time personally solving problems, and invest their time in making sure the right problems are being solved. More

  • Leaders Shape Focus and Context
    Strong leaders connect and energize people. They work tirelessly to ensure that no ones loses sight of what it's all about. More

  • Management Teams Often Handicap Themselves
    Strong management teams change and improve their organizations despite obstacles, handicaps and problems. It's called leadership. More

  • Many Managers Disempower Themselves
    Many managers unwittingly believe that leadership only comes down from the top. They give away their power by believing that they don't have any. More

  • Matching Team Types and Focus
    Effective team management begins by clarifying what a team's purpose and role is and deciding how it will operate. A team's commitment and performance increases exponentially with the degree of power, control, and ownership they feel they have. More

  • Passionate Leaders Rally People to the Cause
    People rally around passionate leaders with a compelling vision and purpose. Effective leaders generate action that comes from creating energy and transforming jobs into crusades, exciting adventures, or deeper missions. More

  • Pathways and Pitfalls to Leading Teams
    Most high-performing organizations use a wide variety of teams. Discover the Leading Teams approaches that can help you to avoid the pitfalls and pave your organization's pathway to success. More

  • Profits are a Reward, Not a Purpose
    Add a richer sense of meaning to our lives by developing purpose aimed at serving others. Profits are a reward. The size of our reward depends on the value of the service we've given others. More

  • Purposeful Leaders Make Meaning
    As we contribute our work to our team or organization, we also need to contribute a deeper sense of meaning or purpose. If we're going to be leaders, we need to take ourselves and ours to the Emotional and Spiritual levels. More

  • Stop Working and Start Living
    There are no dead-end jobs, only dead-end people. Meaningful work goes well beyond what I do for a living, it joyfully expresses what I do with my living. More

  • Team Spirit Built from the Top
    Team spirit is the catalyst every organization needs to achieve outstanding performance. Strategic plans, marketing, technology, and capital investment are clearly important but emotional commitment, of the people using the tools and executing the plans, is what determines whether companies sink or soar. More

  • The Moose-on-the-Table
    The moose represents an issue that everyone knows is a problem but isn't being addressed. People are trying to carry on as if things are normal. More

  • The Motivation Myth
    Many of the symptoms and root causes of motivation and morale can be clarified by understanding the doing versus being aspects of mobilizing and energizing. We need to get beyond "do to" programs and techniques. More

  • Wise Managers Treat Layoffs as Last Resort
    Management can be tough, but leadership takes real courage. "Dumbsizing" sometimes provides short-term relief, while hurting companies in the long-term. More

  • You Can't Build a Team or Organization Different from You
    We can't build a team or organization that's different from us. Successful team or organization leadership begins with successful self-leadership. The first step in improving my team or organization is improving me. More

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