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Communication Breakdowns: Open Door and Closed Mind

Most managers proclaim an open door policy. “You can always come and see me about any problems or issues” they say. Or they’ll leave team meetings they’ve chaired believing there aren’t any issues or objections to plans they’ve set since no one spoke up. Before running a Moose-on-the-Table workshop for a management team, I had […]

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Is Your Leadership, Innovation, and Culture Gap Choking Your Growth?

In its Human Capital Trends dashboard, Deloitte surveyed over 2,500 leaders in more than 90 countries who are concerned with talent management. The survey respondents see talent as a major challenge to growth. A few key findings were: “Softer areas such as culture, engagement, leadership and development have become urgent priorities. Leadership and learning have […]

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Executive Team Building and Culture Development Webinar – March 9

Building off this week’s webinar on Essential Elements of Leadership, Coaching, and Culture Development (click to view in our archive), we’re now planning a webinar for March 9 on Executive Team Building and Culture Development (click for more details and to register). Here’s what we’ll cover: Strategic Organization/Culture Development: Building a common understanding/framework for leading […]

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