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Dealing with an Ineffective Boss

Recently we had a web site registration with “ineffective manager” filled in under title. When we sent an e-mail verification to “Tanya’s” e-mail address, we learned she had not registered for access and was mystified as to who did. Our best guess is that one of Tanya’s colleagues or direct reports signed her up in […]

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7 Habits of Highly INeffective People

As shown in the extensive research of our web site section, Focusing on Strengths, we have overwhelming evidence that building strengths is 2 to 3 times more effective than fixing weaknesses, closing gaps, or “rounding out” lower leadership skills. But when a weaker leadership skill crosses the line into fatal flaw territory the “horns effect” […]

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Join Me for a Conference Board Webinar on Leadership Development in Canada

The Conference Board’s recent study on the state of leadership development in Canada shows serious shortcomings and lots of improvement opportunities (see my last blog). The results are also supplemented by interviews with five Canadian organizations that are making a best-in-class impact with their leadership development programs.  View the report overview and reviews. Leaders are […]

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